Spire Productions is run by director Rory Walsh.
We are a modern and creative production house based in Galway, Ireland.
We make compelling visual content in order to find the soul of every project we undertake.
Our output includes short films and documentaries, music videos, web series, and promotional/commercial films.
Get in touch with Spire productions now to see how we can help get your story told.


    We have produced an online comedy for RTE which included a cast and crew of over 30, along with short films and documentaries. We have the experience to ensure your project is thoroughly cared for from concept until completion.


    We pride ourselves on choosing the perfect imagery and all the content necessary to frame your story or product in the most effective and entertaining way possible.


    Whatever the set-up, our cameras and lenses will be on hand to capture every detail in high definition.

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    We cut, colour and export your project in-house at Spire Productions. We offer a wide range of delivery formats for both the web and devices.

A chronicle of all the goings on at Spire Productions as well as tips,tutorials and articles from around the world of film and tv.


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    Greetings and welcome to the new home of Spire Productions (and may I just add, you are looking rather splendid today).



    I hope you have had a chance to have a look around our new site and you now have a feel for the services we provide, along with the types of projects we have been/would like to be involved in.

    I will be posting here at least once a week with updates on our productions and nuts and bolts info on how we approach specific projects. I’ll also be posting links to any tutorials, videos or photos that catch my eye from around the world of film-making.

    spire productions logo

    Our shiny new logo.

    I have to show my gratitude to Emer Mooney for the amazing job she did on designing this site for us and to the good folk over at mosshouse for designing our brand-spanking new logo. They were both fantastic creatives to work with and I highly recommend giving their work a look at the links below.



    As always, you can get in touch with us at spirefilm@gmail.com,in the comments section below or through the contact form on our site. You’ll also find links to our other online bases at the very bottom of the site (Facebook,youtube,vimeo etc).

    And if you haven’t seen it by now here is a blast of our new showreel…

    Thanks for the visit and we’ll hopefully see you again soon.

    Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye,


Address: // 13 Murrough Drive
Renmore, Galway

Telephone :. // 086 084 5409

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